There is absolutely no need to waste time. Gaglardi is on the case.

In less than a month as the new owner, Tom Gaglardi made his first official move. In a statement made through the Dallas Stars club website, Gaglardi announced the immediate lowering of ticket prices throughout the area. He states:

"...Since taking over the reins of the Dallas Stars, we have spent countless hours asking you, our fans, questions and listening to some tough answers about the past and present of this organization. There was one common theme: Tickets have gotten too expensive.

So, the first thing we did as a management team was look at individual ticket prices and evaluate what we could do to respond to your feedback.

You spoke. We listened.

I am pleased to let you know that we have lowered individual ticket prices. And we’re doing it right now! Even though we are in the middle of hockey season, there is no reason to wait. We want to reward our current fan base, reach out to our former fans and welcome new fans…"

Not only is this a genius move from a fan's perspective, but also it is a quality move from a business standpoint. One has to realize that every time there is an empty seat at a Stars' home game, there is money being left on the table. In order to recoup a portion of the lost money, the team lowers the prices in hopes of acquiring immediate boost in ticket revenue. To give you a good comparison, think of it like the Priceline television commercials. If you have a perishable item that does not sell, why not lower the price in hopes to retaining some value for that product?

Well done, Mr. Gaglardi. I can't wait to see your next move as the new owner.

A few quick points in the list of changes:

  • $15 Tickets Down To $9
  • 85% of the Upper Bowl Level qualifies as $25 or less
  • Over 1,500 seats have been reduced 30% in price ($100 to $70)
  • StarsClub Premium Seats, center ice seats, have gone down by $40 ($150 to $110)

To see the ticket price changes from a visual standpoint, please consult the chart below (can also be found on the team's website).