Through various twists and turns, I happened to stumble across a blog post written about the NHL's merchandise style. Found on StyleSegment.com, they write a brief post on how fashion is playing more of a role in the design of the clothing items found all across North America. By the looks of it, the author found inspiration for the post from an article on WWD. In the article, the fashion website talks with James Haskins - who is the Vice President of Consumer Products Licensing for the NHL.

The bad thing is that those who wish to read the article will find a pay stop.  And since I'm not interested in the cutting edge of fashion, I decided not to pay. However, there might be fans out there that like both, so I thought I would pass along the link (at the bottom of this post).

Since it is the holiday season, those wishing to pick up retro style gifts for the hockey fan in their life, they can find these designs at J.C. Penny, Nordstrom, Fred Segal, and Bloomingdale stores (amongst others such as Dicks Sporting Goods).

You can additionally shop through the official NHL catalog that is a direct representation of NHL.com. There are various retro designs featured in the guide for both men and women. Remember though, those that order directly from Shop.NHL.com may pay more for a specific item. If you're on a tight budget, I'd recommend sticking to local shopping stores.

To request a free shopping catalog, visit the NHL shop. Bonus points for those who indicate the Atlanta Thrashers as their favorite team (Late on the draw for NHL web-coding folks?).

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