You never know when the door will open. If it opens twice, consider yourself lucky.

Back on November 2nd, I wrote a post titled The Door Opens: Puck Drunk Love where I explain about how I was approached to be a part of a main hockey blog for bloguin. Since that post, I've been a staff writer for PDL and have written posts on a weekly basis.

Not too long ago, things began to change at PDL. And because of the shuffle, I had an opportunity to step up to become the new Managing Editor.  I never saw this opportunity coming but I grabbed it when it was presented to me. This past week I've been writing constantly for PDL and unfortunately have skipped a beat or two on Ice the Office. Now if you head on over to PDL, you'll see that I've covered more day-to-day stuff and news that happens on the ice.

As the new managing editor, I feel obligated to plug the site again on this post. If you want to follow the stream of content, there are 3 ways you can do so:

1.) Through the Twitter article feed @PuckDrunkLove
2.) Through the Facebook page
3.) And of course, actually bookmarking the blog

For those of you who just want to read what I write (and opinions thrown in), you can follow me tweeting about my posts at @icetheoffice.

What does this mean for Ice the Office...Again?

Ice the Office will still be up and running with no immediately plans to shut anything down. Jumping to the PDL managing editor is yet another step up in the blogging world and am thankful for the opportunity. I've climbed a few steps in a short amount of time and hope to keep things rolling along. I will still blog from Ice the Office and even saw a boost in posts after my Nov. 2nd post. The bad thing is that there have been plenty of things to blog about this past week, but I haven't been able to get to them here.

Overall, the show will continue to go on. Please be patient until the wind of change calms down. And if you ever see a gap in posting on Ice the Office, go to Puck Drunk Love to see what is going on there. Chances are is that the work I've been doing has been posted there.

For those who continue to stop by Ice the Office looking for new material to read, I can't thank you enough. It has been and continues to be a lot of fun despite the craziness of schedules.