Not too long ago in a land on the eastern part of the United States, there was a team in total turmoil. There was a general manager who was dumping long-term contracts, players who weren't living up to expectations, and a media department that dug itself into a hole in the public eye. And while the Columbus Blue Jackets luck hasn't changed all that much since that point, they are attempting to fix things. The best thing going for the club is that the national media has become focused on the playoff bound teams and the rotating positions of the final spots in each conference.

In a unique move announced by the team's twitter account, the Blue Jackets will be supplying a free nameplate jersey switch to all of those who bring a Jeff Carter #7 jerseys during tonight's game against the Los Angeles Kings. While supplies last, the Carter nameplate will become a Johnson nameplate before you leave for the night. Luckily for the club, the trade that sent out Carter for Johnson (& a 1st) was relatively easy on the merchandise department. Jack Johnson quickly adopted Carter's number 7 and first step of transition was completed rather easily.


The nameplate swap deal couldn't have come a better time for Columbus. Not only are they facing the Jeff Carter and the Los Angeles Kings, but also it gives some sense to the hockey world that maybe the Blue Jackets are serious about traveling in the right direction. At times, I can admit to being critical of clubs who just don't seem to have a personal supply of common sense. But in that same breath, I have to hold myself accountable to give out props when they are due. This limited jersey nameplate switch offer is a fantastic move by team ownership and those who work in the front office. It will be smaller moves like this that will hopefully shrink the gap that the team has created with its uncertain fan base.

The Blue Jackets still have a tall mountain to climb before they are able to sense any sort of success but count this move as a way of preparing for the climb. Well done.