What is Ice the Office?

Ice the Office is a blog that focuses on the state of the NHL and hockey in the United States through off ice issues such as (but not limited to) marketing, public relations., design, social media, and business development. Most of the issues on this blog will deal with the front offices of clubs and the headquarters of the NHL. At some points the blog will also examine how the game is presented internationally. You might not find breaking news here. By the time I write something, half of the hockey world has developed their opinion and mailed it in through twitter. If I do cover a breaking news story, I'll most likely wait a bit before talking about it. Knee-jerk reaction posting isn't the best way to run a blog (besides, there are plenty of other blogs out there that do that).

Who is on the staff?

Currently there is only one person that writes and operates this blog and my name is J.P. This blog started in 2011 and I write posts when I can. Blogging isn't my full time job so the content schedule won't be consistent. If you want continuous opinions, click the twitter link. I'm more likely to chip in a quick opinion or two if I don't think a story is worth covering. I also split my writing time between this blog and the main hockey blog for Bloguin. You can find more of my work on Puck Drunk Love.

Professionally, I'm a marketing specialist. While that may seem a bit of a broad title, I constantly deal with brand imaging and development through public relations, graphics creation, social media management, marketing, writing, business strategy, (et. al) - which is why I like covering stuff that doesn't occur on the ice. I often consider myself a builder. I like to spend time coming up with ideas and trying to develop plans. Sometimes my thoughts don't translate into a fluid post. If I make a mistake here and there, so be it (feel free to let me know what I did wrong).

Being that I'm one of thousands in the sports blogging world, I can't take myself too seriously. Be professional, voice your opinion, but have some fun with it. All of us are talking about a sport that we love. This isn't life or death. There are plenty of more important things out there.

How can I contact Ice The Office?

There are plenty of ways - email, facebook, & twitter would be your options. If you'd like to talk about a post, contribute to the blog, or work together in some way, I'm sure we can figure something out.